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Text on page: No one organization is privileged to number among its members, all the talents and skills necessary to assure success in a production of this magnitude, the first annual Atomic Frontier Days.

The Richland Junior Chamber of Commerce through the staff of this Souvenir Program gratefully acknowledges the endless hours, the boundless efforts, and the unlimited cooperation of the many who have made this celebration possible.

		To the managers and owners of the Richland Business houses
		who contributed toward this program

		To the Atomic Energy Commission and the General Electric
		Company, together with the many Sub-Contractor organizations
		for their wholehearted support.

		To the personalities from the movie world and their organizations
		for their welcome participation.

		To those separate committee heads and their hard working 
		members for the planning and execution of this wonderful

		Bruce R. Hennigar, Coordinator	Paul P. Beardsley, President
			Atomic Frontier Days	Junior Chamber of Commerce

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