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Let's Look Around

   With the Yakima Bridge road closed as well as that 

between Pasco and Kennewick together with the highway 

to Prosser being impassable, mail service and 

transportation was a tedious, miles-around proposition.  

But the Civil Air Patrol came to the rescue, flying people 

and material goods in and out as necessary.

Emergency ferry service was instituted across the broad 

Columbia to connect Richland with Pasco, and railroad 

facilities were utilized to transport Atomic-workers to 

and from their homes in outlying communities.  Finally 

the flood, which resulted in so much damage elsewhere 

in the Columbia Valley, subsided without having seriously 

dented our defenses.

        Calendar of Events

11:30 AM - HOLE IN ONE GOLF ......... Bomber Bowl

	Tourney to continue throughout entire


11:30 AM - BOWLING TOURNAMENT .....Recreation Hall

	Tournament finals

1:30 PM - TRAP SHOOT ..... Sacajawea Piston and Rifle Club

	Finals of Atomic Frontier Days Shoot plus

	Team Match, Richland vs. Kennewick

		Continued on Page 29

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