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Let's Look Around

   June witnessed the initial phases of the expanded 

school building program.  A new and modern Junior High 

School was among the first of these institutions to 

break ground in an effort to meet the growing needs of 

this maturing village.  A new elementary school and an 

enlargement of three existing facilities were in the 

constructions stage with the expectation that they 

would be ready for use in Autumn.

A program to establish permanent boundaries for the 

Hanford Works began as the Atomic Energy purchased 

104,000 previously-leased acres in this vicinity.  

This all lay within the current plutonium project 


From the community manager's office came welcome 

news of an extensive city beautification program to 

include the planting of several thousands of trees 

throughout the  Village.  Stakes miraculously 

appeared along our thorough fares to be replaced by 

holes and finally by saplings which when viewed in 

the future will cause many a local Richalnder to 

proudly exclaim "Le Bois."

        Calendar of Events

6:30PM - BARBECUE ................ Bomber Bowl

8:30PM - COMMUNITY SING .......... Bomber Bowl

	Hymns and Folk songs enjoyed and 

	remembered by young and old alike.

900PM - WESTERN JAMBOREE ......... Bomber Bowl

	All - Hollywood Star Show

9:00PM - BRIDE AND GROOM . Bomber Bowl

	Announcement of winner of

	Bride and Groom Contest

10:30PM - DANCING   Bomber Bowl Tennis Court

	Old-time dancing featuring

	The famous "Frontiersmen" Band

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