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Let's Look Around

   With the announcement that 1000 more homes were to be 

started came the appointment of E.L. Richmond as community 

manager, in a step designed to move Richland still closer 

to eventual self-government.

May was grass-planting time in town as management assisted 

the villagers in their fight against dust and mud, that 

constant plague which accompanies newly-constructed homes.

Trailer loads of household belongings were not uncommon 

sights on our thorough fares as families moved themselves 

with the help of the neighbors to their newly-assigned 

dwellings.  "Old Timer" neighborhoods scattered to the 

several corners of the Village and new acquaintances and 

close associations were in the making.

            Calendar of Events


	TOURNAMENT ..... ........... Recreation Hall

1:30 PM - AIR SHOW ................. C.A.P. Airport

	The Richland Civil Air Patrol cordially invites

	All Atomic Frontier Days celebrants to

	Witness this thrilling exhibition.

1:30 PM - MIDGETS ..................  C.A.P Airport

	Midget racing cars and planes under the 

	auspices of the Atomic City Miniature 

	Racing Car Association

1:30 - HOLE IN ONE GOLF ................. Bomber Bowl

	Tourney to continue throughout entire afternoon

1:30 PM - EXHIBITS  ......Columbia High School Gymnasium


	Sacajawea Pistol and Rifle Club

	Preliminary competition

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