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Let's Look Around

   March began by contributing "something different" to a

winter already rich with entertainment.  The Kiwanis 

Minstrel Show, Community concerts, dramatic presentations 

by the Village Players, plus the annual appearance of 

our own Meistersingers Chorus all lent an atmosphere of 

culture and gaiety to our community.

Education highlighted the news a P.A. Wright was appointed 

superintendent of schools and the Atomic Energy Commission 

announced that immediate financial and transportation aid 

would be given to the over crowded schools in six communities 

surrounding the Hanford Works' Area.

The Village residents participated in the close-out sale of 

government furniture as the Prime Contractor instituted a 

policy of leasing all conventional type homes unfurnished. 

April bought the appointment of R.C. Muir as head of the 

newly-formed Nucleonics Department of the Gen real Electric 

Company with headquarters located at Hanford Works and 

during this month the "old" Richland actually went out of 

existence.  As a result of this legal action the new 

unincorporated community of Richland actually superceded 

the strange ghost city that had existed only on paper 

since the inception of the project. 

        Calendar of Events


7:30 PM - QUEEN CORONATION...Bomber Bowl

	Final judging and coronation of Atomic 

	Frontier Days Queen.  

	Rudy Vallee, Master of Ceremonies 

	assisted by Hollywood Stars as judges

9:00 - PAGEANT ..... Bomber Bowl

	Atomic Frontier Days Pageant as presented

	by the Richland Players, Inc.

10:30 PM - DANCING .... Bomber Bowl Tennis Court

	Dancing to modern music under the stars


9:00 AM - RELIGIOUS SERVICES .... Bomber Bowl

	Open-air, inter-denominational church service

	with Richland Churches conducting.
	Choir Leader: Mrs Grimsrud

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