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Let's Look Around

  In February, with the receipt of several million dollars 

worth of surplus construction camp raw materials, the 

expansion program activities got under way at a tremendous 

speed.  In the middle of this same month the first trailer 

sites were spotted in North Richland, from which nucleus 

was to grow a Village of several thousands of trailers and 

more thousands of inhabitants.

A General Electric Company "House of Magic" show was well 

attended indicating that the residents of the community have 

not grown surfeited by the near miracles of construction and 

production that occurs here regularly.

As February wore itself out a group of twenty-five former 

contractor executive and technical personnel were welcomed 

back to assist in the expansion program as planned and executed

        Calendar of Events

2:00 PM - MUTT SHOW ............. Bomber Bowl

 	Preliminaries with Hollywood Stars acting as judges

2:00 PM - TENNIS  ................ John Dam Park

	Finals: Junior Boys Singles
		Junior Girls Singles

2:00 PM - EXHIBITS  ....Columbia High School Gym

	Judges: Mrs. H.D. Middel, Dr. R.R. Sachs, 
                Miss Mathea Hanson, Mr. C.F. Schank, 
                Mr. T.G. Stanfield, Mrs Ann Rood, 
                Mr. R.E. Donnell

2:00 PM - KANGAROO COURT ....... Village Square

2:00 PM - CONCESSIONS ..........Bomber Bowl

4:00 PM - TENNIS......... John Dam Park

	Finals: Junior Boys Doubles
		Junior Girls Doubles

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