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Let's Look Around

January came and with it came the pre-fabricated houses 

from Bremerton Navy Yard, augmenting living quarters in 

a North Richland already straining at the seams.  Head

lines for January 22 screamed "5000 in North Richland."

Building of a hospital started as the population figures 

climbed beyond this point.

Free community Library service came to Richland with the 

announcement by Villagers, Inc. that the Library and the 

newspaper were exchanging buildings to accommodate the 

bulging shelves and growing list of books available.  We 

in Richland take pardonable pride in our home-owned paper 

and library.

The inevitable happened.  Richland select a Justice of the 

Peace. J.P. to be specific, so that local offenders might be 

spared the long ride down the river.  It was confidently 

predicted that the first errant fisherman hailed to the 

bench would protest, "What - no fission?"

        Calendar of Events


	....Richland, Village and North Star Theaters

	Premiere of "SON OF GOD'S COUNTRY"

	for children only at all three theaters of Richland 

	and North Richland.  Hollywood Stars appearing

	in person at these showings ...

	 	Monte Hale, Republic Pictures

		Ray Whitley, R.K.O.

		Cisco Kid, United Artist

		Chil Wills, M.G.M>

		John Wayne, Republic Pictures

		Roddy MacDowell, Fox

		Ella Raines, Universal

		Max Terhune and Elmer, Monogram

		and "The Frontiersmen" Band

12:00 Noon - HOLE IN ONE

	Golf .......................Bomber Bowl

	Tourney to continue throughout entire afternoon

		Continued on Page 15

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