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Let's Look Around

  December brought proof, real proof, that despite 

this whirlwind of activity our people, far from 

home towns and old friends, still had deep-rooted 

thoughts for the greater needs of our adopted friends 

in Tiel.  Hardworking committees helped "Roll Out 

The Barrel" in clubrooms, stores, and at gatherings 

with the spirit of Christmas giving generously to our 

brothers over the sea.

A busy schedule of eventful happenings made up the 

Christmas program for Richlandites.  Competition 

developed in decorating homes, yards and business houses.  

Greens and colored lights crossed and re-crossed the 

busy through fares to bid a hearty welcome to jolly 

St. Nick as he visited all his young friends at a 

"super, stupendous, colossal vaudeville for our "Kids".

With New Years Day came a rare manifestation of nature. 


        Calendar of Events



      The utmost of service is planned for violators

      by providing "on the Spot" trial by the fairest

      of judges.

10:00 - 11:00 AM - J.F. Heberer

11:00 - 12:00 Noon - Dr. T.J. "Ted" Albertowicz

 2:00 -   3:00 PM - K.T. "Kit" Campbell

 3:00 -   4:00 PM - E.L. Richmond

 4:00 -   5:00 PM - G.P. "Gil" Churchl

 5:00 -   6:00 PM - W.K. "Mac" MacCready

10:00 AM - BOWLING

	Tournament ......................Recreation Hall

10:00 AM - Baby Contest

	Columbia High School Auditorium

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