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Let's Look Around

  November saw no slackening in the conversion of energy

into matter...the energy being the elbow grease of thousands

of workers.  Huge barracks and other permanent-type buildings

from Pasco's abandoned Naval Air Station were floated across

the blue Columbia by barge, to put more roofs over more heads.

Our colony was mushrooming like atomic particles in a chain

reaction, every new building providing space for more 

workers to labor on new buildings for more workers, ad


  Pasco's new daily newspaper, the Tri-City Hearld, joined our 

ever-popular Villager, in giving increased news coverage to 

the growing area.

  The first of a series of facilities opened their doors to 

the abuse of many feet in North Richland.  A branch Post

Office, Cafeterias, law-enforcement agencies and fire

protection equipment took their placed beside their 

responsibilities.  A semblance of normal living began to

shape for the many to whom North Richland was to be 

home for many months.

        Calendar of Events

   9. "Barnum & Baile's Favorite".....K.L. King

  10. "Jalousy" - Tango ..........Grade-Johnson 

  11. "Stars & Stripes Forever"...........Sousa

9:30-        - KANGROO COURT ....... Village Square
               Judge: J.J. "Joe" Perier  

   This hour will be the last opportunity

   to meet the judge of this court before
   Friday.  Nonwearers of Western Garb 
   are welcome at this session as usual.

       FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1948

5:00-8:00 PM - KANGROO COURT ....... Village Square
        Judges: H.A. "Hank" Carlberg, H.E. Callahan

   Once again "Justice" is being meeted out to

   unwary violators as escorted to the court by

   Posse members.

8:30 PM - CONCESSIONS ..............Bomber Bowl

   All concessions planned and operated by

   Richland Community Organizations.  Food

   Concessions managed by and for Richland


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