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Let's Look Back

     The old farming center of Richland was evacuated

and transformed into a modern community designed to 

eventually house thousands of production workers and

their families

Erection of plant and village ended; production of

plutonium began.  Only a handful knew "What", and they

were not talking.  The village kept its secret well, so

well that the nation and the world first learned of its

existence only after announcement of the A-bomb.

In those pioneering months, with trees few and grass 

sparse, the desert fought a savage fight against the 

invasion of highways, water-power, industry and man.

"Termination" winds with the accompanying "real-estate"

hurried the unsure and unbelieving on their way.  But

the plucky, the faithful, those who had unbounded belief

in the cause, stuck it out.  Because of them and what 

they stand for - what they have built upon these sands -

the theme "We're Here to Stay" is a reality, not only

for the present but henceforth. 

        Calendar of Events

   Western Posse members, roving the streets of Richland, 

   will gallantly assist those not properly bedecked in 

   Western attire to locate the justice of this court

         WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1948

5:00-6:00 PM - KANGROO COURT ....... Village Square
               Judge: H.D. "Hank" Middel

8:00-9:30 PM - KANGROO COURT ....... Village Square
               Judge: L.E. "Lou" Bell    

   Western attire will be the vogue on the streets 

   of Richland.  Posse members will be pleased to 

   direct all violators of this ordinance to the 

   attention of the judge "on shift." before this 

   court of "JUSTICE"

       THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1948

5:00-6:00 PM - KANGROO COURT ....... Village Square
             Judge: Ted Best

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